The Whiskey Barrel Ice Bath by MBT Ireland

Inspiration Behind the Whiskey Barrel Ice Bath

In wellness and relaxation, MBT Ireland is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the Whiskey Ice Bath, crafted from reclaimed barrels sourced from the renowned Two Stacks Whiskey in Newry.

This unique creation is set to redefine the standards of luxury bathing, offering a distinctive blend of tradition and innovation.

In 2023, Mac Bathrooms and Tiles positioned themselves at the center of the wellness industry by launching a range of Ice Baths and Saunas available across Ireland. The IceBox Solo Sauna, as named by Macs Bathrooms, was immediately popular with fitness enthusiasts. However, the team at Macs immediately notice a demand for a larger alternative. “We didn’t sit on this for long, we searched the market for an alternative but came up short and decided to embark on a creative journey that led us to a collaboration with Two Stacks Whiskey” Says Shane from MBT Ireland. 

Shane conceptualized the idea of repurposing whiskey barrels as the foundation for our latest creation. Intrigued by the challenge of transforming these barrels into a luxurious ice bath experience, Shane approached Two Stacks Whiskey to discuss the possibility of using their reclaimed barrels.



The Story of Two Stacks Whiskey:

Two Stacks Whiskey, nestled in the heart of Newry, provided the perfect opportunity for our ambitious project. The whiskey barrels chosen for the Whiskey Ice Bath come from two distinct stacks, each with its own unique history and character—something MBT customers enjoy learning about when they come to visit the showroom, says Shane. With even a few drops of Whiskey left over from every barrel.

The Restoration Process:

The journey from whiskey barrel to Whiskey Ice Bath involved a careful restoration process by the team at Macs Bathrooms. Each barrel was carefully inspected, sanded, and treated to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. The transformation included the addition of a state-of-the-art chiller/heater system, elevating the traditional concept of an ice bath to new heights of comfort.

Innovative Features:

The Whiskey Ice Bath by MBT Ireland is not just a stunning piece of craftsmanship; it is the complete wellness experience. Featuring strategically placed steps and seats also made by the team at Macs Bathrooms. Now the company has an ice bath that invites customers to immerse themselves in a luxurious blend of hot and cold therapy.

Shane and the team designed the Whiskey Ice Barrels with compatibility with the Ice Box chiller/heater system, allowing customers to tailor the temperature of their Ice Bath to their preference, from as low as 4 degrees to as high as 40 degrees, maximizing the health benefits and providing cryotherapy and a spa-like escape in the comfort of your own home

As the Whiskey Ice Bath makes its debut in the MBT Ireland lineup, we invite you to indulge in the ultimate luxury. Immerse yourself in the warmth of tradition and the cool embrace of innovation as we redefine the boundaries of home wellness.

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