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ZenTherma™ Infared Saunas are now in stock! We are delighted to launch our exclusive range of Saunas designed to take your wellness journey to new heights.

Whether you desire a peaceful retreat within your home or an outdoor sanctuary, ZenTherma offers unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation for both indoor & outdoor use. 

Suitable for indoors & outdoors, plug in anywhere.

Price: £2350 + VAT

Experience the benefits of our low energy efficiency infrared saunas designed for everyday use, conveniently installed in your home or business

Our new showroom is now showing the latest well being products. ZenTherma, Sauna & Ice Baths delivered and installed across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Delivery is now also available to mainland UK!

Zen Therma

Solo Infrared Sauna

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Zentherma Solo Infrared Sauna. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, this sleek and space-saving sauna is designed for solo use, offering a sanctuary for rejuvenation in the comfort of your home. The Zentherma Solo Infrared Sauna is thoughtfully engineered for convenience and efficiency. With its compact design, it fits seamlessly into any space, allowing you to enjoy a spa-like experience without sacrificing room.


Garden Pod Sauna

The Garden Pod fits 4-6 people and is perfect for sharing a relaxing Infrared Sauna experience for your garden or club. Made using the highest quality Thermowood it can handle any weather. Nothing comes close to relaxing at home as the ZenTherma Garden Pod.

Zen Therma Sauna

Dual Two Persons Sauna

Experience the epitome of shared relaxation with the Zentherma Dual Two-Person Infrared Sauna—a harmonious blend of advanced technology and luxurious design. Crafted to accommodate two individuals, this sauna redefines the art of unwinding together in the comfort of your own space. Designed for both efficiency and elegance, the Zentherma Dual Two-Person Infrared Sauna effortlessly integrates into your home environment. Its spacious yet compact structure ensures a comfortable fit while maximizing space utilization. The intuitive control panel allows for personalized temperature adjustments and session durations, empowering you both to create a bespoke relaxation session.


Accessoires Pack

Ask us about our Infared Sauna packs.

Delivered across ireland

Delivered and installed at your home 

Plug in anywheere

With its sleek, cylinder design, the Solo Sauna can be seamlessly plugged in anywhere on your property — be it a home office, bedroom, bathroom, or gym. Now, you can effortlessly access the full benefits of a convenient sauna experience.







Why Choose ZenTherma Saunas

Having worked in Bathroom Design and Installation for over 25 years the team at ZenTherma knows how to create a relaxing experience. Discover more about us and why you should choose ZenTherma.


25+ Years Experience in creating relaxing spaces.

energy efficIent

Fast heat up times means your Sauna uses less energy

touch panel design

Our Saunas come with a Modern built-in touch screen display

easy set-up

Book an installation with our team or use our DIY installation guidance

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

See the benefits of using our Infrared Saunas

fighting off illness

The heat of an infrared sauna that makes you sweat can help fight off the common cold by sweating it out of your system.

Soothes sore Muscles

Using an infrared sauna following physical activity can help speed up the recovery of your muscles.

Promotes Relaxation

Infrared saunas help promote relaxation for your mind and body. So setting time in your day to use your sauna can help decrease anxiety and stress.

Helps you sleep

A bonus of using infrared saunas allows you to get a better nights sleep.

Boosts Your circulation

When in an infrared sauna, your body will start to sweat and your blood vessels widen which in turn speeds up your heart and allows the blood to flow faster round your body.

Flushes Out Toxins

As you start to sweat in the sauna you will be flushing out any toxins in your body.


Complement the warmth of our saunas with the invigorating chill of our premium ice baths. Includes our Ice Box Chiller, Solo Ice Bath and custom Whiskey Barrel.


Take your Ice Bath to the next level. The Ice Box Chiller / Heater cools the Water Down to 4°C (39°F) and Warms the Water up to 40°C (104.6°F).

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