Master En Suite Completion in Hilltown, Northern Ireland

Master En Suite Completion in Hilltown, Northern Ireland

Macs Bathrooms and Tiles presents the recent completion of a stunning master ensuite in Hilltown. This case study delves into the unique features and meticulous design choices that define this luxurious space, showcasing Macs Bathrooms and Tiles’ commitment to excellence.

Bathroom Project, Macs bathrooms Northern Ireland
Bathroom Project, Macs bathrooms Northern Ireland

Curved Elegance with Mosaic Sheets Tiles

A standout feature of the master ensuite is its beautiful curved walls, elegantly highlighted with Mosaic Sheets tiles. The use of these tiles ensures a seamless and harmonious transition along the curves, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Pelipal Furniture – LED Lighting and Curved Designs

The furniture chosen for this project is from the popular @pelipaluk range, known for its exquisite LED lighting and curved designs. This selection not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also brings a modern and luxurious feel to the master ensuite.


This case study celebrates the completion of a master ensuite in Hilltown by Macs Bathrooms and Tiles, emphasizing the use of Mosaic Sheets tiles, Pelipal furniture, and the upcoming opportunities for Spring 2024 installations. The meticulous design choices and commitment to customer satisfaction exemplify Macs Bathrooms and Tiles’ dedication to creating luxurious and visually stunning spaces.

Bookings Open for 2024 Spring Installation

Inspired by this master ensuite project? Macs Bathrooms and Tiles is now accepting bookings for Spring 2024 installations. This provides an opportunity for clients to transform their own spaces with the same level of luxury and sophistication.

Free Design Appointments – Book Online

Macs Bathrooms and Tiles offers free design appointments to assist clients in envisioning their dream spaces. Book your appointment online at to kickstart your journey toward a luxurious and well-designed master ensuite.

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