Contemporary Elegance in Banbridge – Macs Bathrooms & Tiles’ Latest Project

Macs Bathrooms & Tiles, Latest Project in Banbridge Northern Ireland

Macs Bathrooms & Tiles proudly presents a recent completion in Banbridge, Co Down, showcasing their expertise in creating stunning and contemporary bathroom spaces. 

This case study provides a detailed insight into the client’s choices and the exquisite elements that define this project.

Bathroom Project, Macs bathrooms Northern Ireland
Bathroom Project, Macs bathrooms Northern Ireland

Pelipal Solitaire Vanity – Timeless Elegance in Deep Metallic Grey

The centrepiece of the project features the Pelipal Solitaire Vanity in Deep Metallic Grey, adorned with Modern Sleek Black Handles. This choice reflects timeless elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to the bathroom space.

Vanity Mirror with Smart Storage and Motion LED Lighting

To enhance functionality and style, the client opted for a Vanity Mirror equipped with smart storage solutions and motion-activated LED lighting. This not only provides practical storage but also introduces a modern and dynamic element to the bathroom design.

Grey Porcelain Tiles – A Seamless Aesthetic from Macs Bathrooms & Tiles

The flooring choice plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic, and Macs Bathrooms & Tiles delivered excellence with Grey Porcelain Tiles. These tiles not only add a sense of luxury but also create a seamless and cohesive look throughout the space.


This case study celebrates Macs Bathrooms & Tiles’ recent project in Banbridge, highlighting the client’s choices and the exquisite elements that define this contemporary bathroom space. With timeless vanity selections, modern mirrors, and seamless flooring options, Macs Bathrooms & Tiles continues to set the standard for elegance and functionality in bathroom design.

Spring 2024 Fittings – Now Booking!

For those inspired by this project, Macs Bathrooms & Tiles is now taking bookings for fittings in Spring 2024. This opportunity allows clients to bring the same level of contemporary elegance to their own spaces.

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