The Master Ensuite Transformation in Rostrevor, Co. Down

Our valued clients, a couple embarking on their self-build journey in Rostrevor, Co. Down, aspired to create a master ensuite that epitomized modern elegance and functionality. Seeking a luxurious and sophisticated design, they turned to our expertise to bring their vision to life. The clients were thrilled with the 3D design concept we presented, and we eagerly embarked on the project to make their dream ensuite a reality.

Design Concept: Working closely with the clients, we crafted a 3D design that captured the essence of modern luxury. The concept revolved around creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a seamless experience for the homeowners.


3D Design concept of a modern ensuite by Macs Bathrooms and Tiles 


  1. HIB Vanity Unit: We incorporated a stylish and functional HIB vanity unit into the ensuite. This unit not only added ample storage space but also served as an elegant focal point that elevated the overall design.

  2. Matt Black Shower Door & Dual Headed Shower Valve: To imbue the ensuite with a contemporary edge, we installed a sleek Matt Black shower door and a dual-headed shower valve. These features offered a unique visual contrast while providing a delightful showering experience.

  3. Bevelled Edge Metro Tiles: To infuse the ensuite with a timeless charm, we adorned the walls with bevelled edge metro tiles. The tiles added a touch of classic sophistication and created an inviting ambiance.

  4. Yorkshire Porcelain 20 x 20 Floor Tiles: For the flooring, we selected Yorkshire Porcelain 20 x 20 tiles, chosen for their durability and elegance. These tiles brought a sense of warmth and luxury to the ensuite, completing the overall look.

Result: Upon completion of the project, the clients were awe-struck with the transformed ensuite. The design concept they had loved in the 3D visualization now materialized into a tangible masterpiece. The ensuite became an indulgent escape, blending modern aesthetics with practicality seamlessly.

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