ZenTherma infrared saunas

Solo Standing Sauna

We’re thrilled to introduce the ‘Solo Infrared Sauna’ to our 2023 Wellness Collection at Macs Bathrooms and Tiles. The solo sauna is the latest product to join the MBT Wellness range launched in which already includes our impressive ice bath range.

Plug in anywhere

Bring the spa experience home with our NEW Solo Free-standing SAUNAS! 

Transform your bathroom, spare room, gym, garage, or even your kitchen into your personal oasis. Ready for immediate delivery! Contact us today to order your sauna. Our Saunas are in stock and waiting to transform your home into a sanctuary of serenity.

Home Edition of Sauna 

Your journey to relaxation and well-being has just reached new heights with the introduction of the Home Edition of MBT Bathrooms’ ZenTherma Infrared Saunas. We invite you to discover the perfect setup for up to 4-5 people, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether it’s for your home, business, or club, this is the ultimate way to share a soothing Infrared Sauna experience.

Space for Everyone

With the capacity to accommodate 4-5 people, this ZenTherma Infrared Sauna is not only designed for solitude but also for sharing precious moments of tranquility with loved ones. It’s the ideal setting for bonding, unwinding, and escaping the stresses of the day, making it a wonderful addition to your personal or professional space.


Infrared Sauna Bliss

From relaxation and stress reduction to detoxification and improved circulation, the advantages are numerous. Now, you can enjoy these benefits within the comfort of your own space, anytime you desire.


The Home Edition of MBT Bathrooms’ ZenTherma Infrared Saunas is more than just a sauna. It’s an investment in your well-being and a commitment to creating a space for your relaxation and rejuvenation 

No matter where you choose to place it, this infrared sauna is a symbol of self-care and the power of creating a sanctuary within your own home. It’s a retreat from the world, an opportunity to bond with loved ones, and a daily escape into well-being. If you’re seeking to enhance the quality of your life, this ZenTherma Infrared Sauna is your ticket to serenity.

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