Embracing Natural Light - A Luxurious Bathroom Transformation in Saval, Newry, Co. Down

Project Overview: Nestled in the picturesque town of Saval, an exciting new home was built with the vision of embracing the beauty of natural light. The bathroom transformation aimed to create a serene oasis where modern elegance meets functionality. Our team took pride in curating a luxurious space that would elevate daily routines to new heights, ensuring every element exuded sophistication and quality.

Design Concept: Our design concept centered around maximizing natural light, infusing the bathroom with a bright and airy atmosphere. The choice of stone effect porcelain tiles complemented the showering area perfectly, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary design and nature-inspired aesthetics.


  1. Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles: The stone effect porcelain tiles were a popular and captivating choice for the showering area. 

  2. Floor Tiles: The ‘Mixit Gris’ tile from Keraben adorned the floor and remaining walls, offering a seamless connection to the natural surroundings and contributing to the bathroom’s inviting ambiance.

  3. Embossed Diamond Design Vanity Unit: The 800 mm vanity unit became a statement piece in the bathroom. Its embossed diamond design added a touch of elegance and luxury, setting the tone for the overall high-quality feel of the space.

  4. Matt White Vanity Unit and Countertop Bowl Sink: The customer’s preference for a matt white vanity unit with a countertop bowl sink exuded timeless beauty and modern aesthetics. The color choice enhanced the room’s brightness, accentuating the natural light flooding the space.

  5. Matt White 2m Slate Tray & 1400mm Wetroom Screen: To enhance the bathroom’s functionality, we matched the vanity unit with a matt white 2m slate tray and a 1400mm wetroom screen. These elements offered seamless design cohesion while adding practicality to the shower area.

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