Custom En-suites in Rathfriland, Co Down.

Two en-suites, same size and layout for siblings

In Rathfriland Co. Down, Macs Bathrooms and tiles   took on the challenge of crafting two ensuites with identical sizes, and layouts for a Son and Daughter. 

Our goal was to infuse each space with distinct character, catering to the unique preferences of the occupants.

Pelipal Elegance in Every Corner

To achieve a harmonious blend of functionality and style, both en suites were furnished with Pelipal furniture. This addition not only enhanced the practicality of the spaces but also added a touch of sophistication to the overall design that never aged. 

Son’s Retreat: A Modern Monochrome Haven

In the son’s realm, a contemporary black and grey theme took centre stage, creating a modern and stylish ensuite. The carefully curated palette and Pelipal furniture transformed the ensuite into a personalised haven that resonated with the occupant’s taste.

Daughter’s Oasis: Vibrant Green and Brushed Brass Bliss

On the flip side, the daughter’s space blossomed into a vibrant oasis with a lively green and brushed brass theme. The Pelipal furniture seamlessly integrated with the colour scheme, adding an extra layer of charm to the overall design.

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