Creating a Stunning Traditional retreat with Burlington bathrooms

A visionary client embarking on a self build journey in Rostrevor, Co. Down, sought to transform their main bathroom into a captivating space that exuded timeless elegance and traditional charm.

Collaborating with Macs Bathrooms, the client’s aspiration was to craft a sanctuary that harmoniously blended classic furniture and brassware. 

Having discovered the renowned Burlington Bathroom brand in our showroom, the couple choose knew with it and the expert advice from Macs Bathrooms, it would set their bathroom apart.

Design Concept: Working closely with the clients, we crafted a 3D design that captured the essence of modern luxury. he concept revolved around curating an elegant mixture of furniture and brassware from the highly sought-after Burlington Bathroom brand, renowned for its classic appeal and superior craftsmanship. The team aimed to preserve the traditional theme throughout the bathroom while introducing bespoke elements for a touch of exclusivity.

Burlington Bathroom Brand Highlights: A focal point of the bathroom design was the Burlington Bathroom brand, renowned for its timeless aesthetics and unparalleled quality. The blend of Burlington furniture and brassware exuded sophistication, with each piece carefully selected to enhance the traditional ambiance.

Roman Liberty Hinged Alcove Enclosure with Fluted Glass: One of the standout features was the Roman Liberty hinged alcove enclosure with fluted glass. This unique design added a touch of vintage charm to the bathroom, perfectly aligning with the traditional theme. The fluted glass not only offered visual appeal but also provided privacy and elegance to the shower area.

Result: The completion of this main bathroom project was nothing short of remarkable. The client’s vision for a stunning traditional bathroom came to fruition, evoking an air of timeless grace and refinement. The Burlington Bathroom furniture and brassware played a pivotal role in creating a captivating atmosphere, and the Roman Liberty hinged alcove enclosure added a distinctive touch of character to the space.

Client Satisfaction: The client was ecstatic with the final result, expressing immense delight in witnessing their dream bathroom materialize into reality. The traditional main bathroom became a cherished space within their self build home, offering respite and luxury, while perfectly capturing the essence of classic design.

Visit Our Showroom: Enthralled by the elegance of the Burlington Bathroom brand? Visit our showroom to explore more of their exquisite offerings and discover the possibilities for your own bathroom project.


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