Creating a Stunning Traditional retreat with Burlington bathrooms

Our design concept for this bathroom transformation centered on a modern aesthetic with striking contrasts. The goal was to infuse the space with a sense of luxury while ensuring functionality and practicality. The selection of high-quality fixtures and tiles played a pivotal role in achieving the desired transformation.


  1. Matt Black Taps: To add a touch of sleek modernity, we introduced elegant matt black taps that perfectly complemented the overall design. The black taps became an eye-catching focal point, harmonizing effortlessly with the space.

  2. Black Heated Towel Rail: The black heated towel rail not only offered practicality but also added a bold statement to the bathroom’s color palette. This fixture became an essential element in creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

  3. Wall Accessories: We meticulously curated wall accessories that enhanced the bathroom’s aesthetics while optimizing storage and functionality. The accessories seamlessly integrated into the design, further elevating the space.

  4. Black Tile Trim: The black tile trim provided a finishing touch to the wall tiles, creating clean lines and a sense of refinement. It emphasized the attention to detail that went into the entire project.

  5. Lucia Pulido 1200 x 600 Wall Tiles: The choice of Lucia Pulido marble effect porcelain tiles added a touch of timeless luxury to the bathroom. The large-format tiles exuded sophistication and became the backdrop for the entire transformation.

  6. Pattern Floor Tiles: We opted for pattern floor tiles to introduce a captivating design element. The pattern floor tiles added visual interest and a unique twist to the bathroom’s overall look.

Result: The completion of this bathroom transformation left both the client and our team in awe. The amalgamation of modern fixtures, sleek design elements, and high-quality tiles resulted in a stunning space that exuded contemporary elegance while still embodying timeless charm.

Client Satisfaction: The client was beyond delighted with the final result, expressing their satisfaction with the professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail exhibited by our team. The bathroom transformation surpassed their expectations, becoming a true reflection of their style.

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