Carrara Marble & gold bathroom

Our customers, a sophisticated couple, embarked on the journey of constructing their dream self-build home in Ireland. As part of their vision, they yearned for a bathroom that exuded the essence of opulence and elegance found in luxury hotel suites. With a specific desire for Carrara marble white and grey tiles combined with gold brass fixtures, the couple sought to create a timeless space that would serve as their private haven of pure luxury and relaxation.

Project Overview: Taking pride in delivering exceptional design and craftsmanship, Macs Bathrooms and Tiles gladly accepted the challenge of designing and constructing the ideal hotel-style bathroom for our esteemed clients.

Collaborating closely with the couple throughout the process, our dedicated team meticulously crafted a bathroom that would exceed their expectations and perfectly complement their self-build home’s overall theme.

Design Concept: To realize the luxurious hotel-inspired ambiance, we selected Carrara marble white and grey tiles to adorn both the walls and the floor. The interplay of white and grey hues offered a sophisticated backdrop, while the natural veins and patterns of the marble infused the space with timeless charm.

To add a touch of grandeur and extravagance, we integrated gold brass fixtures into the design. The exquisite gold-toned fixtures exuded an air of refinement and elegance, elevating the overall aesthetic and adding a sense of indulgence to the space.

His & Her Shower and Sinks: The couple’s vision of a personalized haven led us to create separate his and her shower areas, each with its own gold brass shower head. This thoughtful design allowed each partner to enjoy their showering experience according to their preferences, providing an intimate and customized touch to the bathroom.

For their convenience and comfort, we installed his and her sinks with matching gold brass fixtures. The dual sink setup not only added a practical element but also enhanced the luxurious appeal of the bathroom, creating a space that catered to the couple’s every need.

Result: Upon the completion of the project, our clients were elated to step into their dream bathroom. The harmonious blend of Carrara marble, gold brass fixtures, and the seamless integration of his and her shower areas and sinks brought their vision to life. The bathroom became a private sanctuary of luxury, where they could unwind, rejuvenate, and relish the essence of a five-star hotel experience within the comforts of their new self-build home.

Product Sources: All elements of this remarkable bathroom, including the bathroom suite, mirror, and tiles, were carefully sourced from Macs Bathrooms & Tiles from our brand partners ensuring only the highest quality materials and products were used to create this unforgettable space.

At Macs Bathrooms and tiles, we take immense pride in transforming visions into reality, and this project exemplifies our dedication to crafting exceptional spaces that transcend expectations. Contact us today to book your FREE Home Survey and avail of a FREE 3D Design of your dream bathroom. 

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